Local Attractions

Cape Broyle is a scenic community located on the Avalon Peninsula and East Coast Trails. We are minutes away from the Ferryland Archaeological Dig that was once settled by Lord Baltimore back in 1621. Ferryland also boasts the famous “Lighthouse Picnics” where you and your family can enjoy a private picnic outside on the hills while watching the whales play nearby.

Below please find a list of other local attractions to enjoy.


Swimming & Boating

Enjoy Swimming and Boating on Cape Broyle Pond, which is located across the road from Avalon Wilderness Cottages.


Lighthouse Picnicslighthouse picnics

Enjoy a stunning scenery and delicious food all rolled up in one of the most unique experiences you’ve had in a long time. Lighthouse Picnics – using fresh local ingredients provides you with your delicious picnic lunch that you then take outside to enjoy with your friends or loved ones on the hillside. Each picnic includes a salad, sandwich, dessert & lemonade – all lovingly made/kneaded/baked/squeezed at the lighthouse.

To learn more, visit www.lighthousepicnics.ca



Colony of Avalon Archaeological Dig
ArchaeologicalDigThe colony was founded by George Calvert, later Lord Baltimore, in 1621. Most people have no idea that permanent European settlement in North America dates so far back, and that Newfoundland played such an important role. The Ferryland settlement was “forgotten”, and its remains lay undisturbed for centuries. The site is now being excavated and archaeologists have uncovered over a million artifacts from the stone constructed buildings including gold rings, Portuguese ceramics and other unusual objects.

To learn more, visit www.colonyofavalon.ca


East Coast Trail
manche_1_aLove to hike or just get out and enjoy the fresh air? Many trails along the East Coast Trail are nearby including:

  • 18.3 km Cape Broyle Head Path
  • 5.2 km Capelin Bay Path
  • 5.5 km Sounding Hills Path
  • La Manche Village & La Manche Park

For complete details on all the hiking paths both developed and undeveloped along the East Coast Trail, visit their website at www.eastcoasttrail.ca


Witless Bay Ecological Reserve
puffinWorld-class seabird viewing. Largest breeding colony of Atlantic puffin in North America – 260,000 pairs. Birds nest on 4 islands in the reserve.

Viewing is only available by boats, as no landing on the islands are permitted to help protect the puffin colonies.




Avalon Wilderness Reserve

The Avalon Wilderness Reserve is 1,070 km2 of barrens and forests. It protects the Avalon woodland caribou herd, the most southerly caribou herd in Canada. The survival of this herd is a North American conservation success story. The herd had dwindled to only a few dozen animals by the early 1960s, but it rose to a high of six to seven thousand animals in the early 1990s. In 1998, it numbered almost two thousand animals.

A rolling plateau, the area is dotted with boulders that were left behind by melting glaciers more than 10,000 years ago.


Southern Shore Folk & Arts Council Dinner Theatre

festivalheaderEach year we remember the early times on the Southern Shore and celebrate the strength and character of our forefathers through the retelling of their stories in theatre and concert.

The plays and music include traditional and original material, accompanied by a delicious meal of authentic Newfoundland entrees and desserts.

For full details and schedule visit the Southern Shore Dinner Theatre.



Whale & Bird Watching
Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most spectacular whale watching places in the world. 22 species of whales, including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue, orca, and the world’s largest population of humpbacks, feed on capelin, krill and squid along the coast.

There are many whale watching tours available which include:whales



Irish Loop
For more information on the Irish Loop, please visit www.theirishloop.com